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International Forum of Sephardic Economics and Entrepreneurship

21 June 2019
Bragança, Portugal  


Marked by the diaspora, the Sephardic identity is very much based on diversity, on the creation of networks and partnerships that enable an international economical dynamics. From immemorial time, the Jewish communities of Portuguese and Spanish origin were at the forefront of modern financial mechanisms and methods.                                                                                     
The 1st International Forum of Sephardic Economics and Entrepreneurship intends to bring to Bragança this multi-continental dynamics, this capacity to undertake, beyond the immediate moment and the close geography. With this Forum, the added values and strategies of the Portuguese economy 's rapproachment to the rhythms and specificities of the Sephardic economy and finance will be equated, with special focus on the connection between Sephardic communities around the world and the connection with the Sephardic Jews who in recent years have sought for the Portuguese citizenship.



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